Bowling Together: Lessons from the Lanes (Part 1)

by Emma Jackson

2 November 2017
Originally published in our Old Blog.

This two part podcast by Emma Jackson introduces some of the key themes from an ethnographic study of a London bowling alley. In episode one Emma talks about what is revealed about the social life of the city through turning the lens onto a busy London bowling alley.

Written and presented by Emma Jackson with extra voices by Anamik Saha.

Thanks to Michaela Benson for production and technical help, Anamik Saha for reading and Emma Houlton at the Art of Podcast for editing.

Practices of belonging, practices of place: Conversations in Film and Research (8 November 2017) was a two-part event at Goldsmiths, which explored the use of film to tell sociological stories about place and belonging. It marked the final stage of the ESRC-funded project ‘The Choreography of Everyday Multiculture: bowling together?’.

The first part of the event was an afternoon workshop aimed at those interested in video and film methods. It brought together three teams of researchers and film-makers to discuss the process of collaboration and the potential of using film in social research. Speakers: Emma Jackson (Goldsmiths), Esther Johnson (Sheffield Hallam University), Andy Lee (London College of Fashion), Nirmal Puwar (Goldsmiths), Ben Rogaly (University of Sussex).

The second part of the event is a website launch and screening of the film ‘Bowling Together: Portrait of a League’ by Andy Lee and Emma Jackson.

Dr Emma Jackson is Senior Lecturer in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.