Postcard from the Field

by Michaela Benson

28 October 2017
Originally published in our Old Blog.

For me, this image captures the old and the new of Toulouse. The old city built in the pink brick that gives it the name ‘La Ville Rose’, and the condensation trails of aircraft a symbol of Toulouse’s position at the centre of Europe’s aerospace industry. And it is the latter that is responsible for Toulouse’s contemporary urban development and the highest population growth in France, with people attracted to highly skilled jobs.

Michaela Benson is Professor in Public Sociology at Lancaster University; and former Reader in Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Brexit Brits Abroad is a research project examining what Brexit, as it unfolds, entails for British citizens living and working in the EU-27, exploring in particular questions of citizenship, identity and belonging.

︎ Image by Michaela Benson.