Spiritual Flavours

by Laura Cuch

2 February 2017
Originally published in our Old Blog.

Goldsmiths Associate Lecturer and MA Photography and Urban Cultures alumni, Laura Cuch is one of the photographers exhibiting at the Festival of Political Photography 2017, in Helsinki. This year’s edition of the festival is titled ‘Post-Food’ and will show a range of visual work that focus on political, social and environmental dimensions of food.

The film Spiritual Flavours will be the main feature of Laura Cuch’s exhibition, which will also provide a foretaste of a forthcoming ‘multi-faith’ photographic cookbook as part of the Spiritual Flavours project. The film Spiritual Flavours (2016) interweaves biographical narratives and spiritual accounts from three Londoners: Betty, Aziz and Ossie with the experiences of cooking in their homes. They are members of a Catholic church, a mosque and a liberal synagogue, respectively. The chosen recipes thread the narratives of past, present and future aspirations, spirituality and the everyday. The commonalities and differences between them are expressed through visual and sonic synchronies and asynchronies. At the end of the film, Betty, Aziz and Ossie meet, cook and eat together. A five-minute introduction to the film is available on the Spiritual Flavours website, where you can also find the recipes from the film.

The Spiritual Flavours project is part of the AHRC Connected Communities funded Making Suburban Faith research project in which academics from Geography departments at UCL and Royal Holloway investigate material cultures in suburban faith communities.

The exhibition will take place at STOA, alongside The Non-Egyptian Restaurant by Asunción Molinos Gordo from 4th February to 30th March, with an opening event on Friday 3rd February, 5-7pm.

Both Laura Cuch and Asunción Molinos Gordo will give an artist’s talk at Cultural Centre Stoa on Sunday 5th February 2017 at 12 noon.

Laura will also take part in the seminar on Post-Food on Saturday 4th February 11–5 p.m. at the Finnish Museum of Photography, Process Space.

Laura Cuch is currently studying for a PhD as part of the Migration Research Unit at University College, London.

The exhibition takes place at Finnish Museum of Photography, Helsinki. February 4th – March 30th 2017.

For further information please contact:
Laura Cuch @lakukstudio
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