The Planned Demolition of Your Home Has So Many Repercussions

by Anita Strasser

14 September 2018
Originally published in our Old Blog.

Read the story of Diann, resident of Reginald House in Deptford, whose home is on the cards for demolition (alongside Old Tidemill Wildlife Garden). She talks about her memories of living there for over 30 years, how she became an active campaigner in the Save Reginald! Save Tidemill! Campaign and the impact all this has had on her life. This story is part of my PhD research which creatively explores the impact the gentrification of Deptford is having on local working-class residents. The research is carried out in close dialogue with residents, offering opportunities for co-authorship (texts and images) and guiding how the research evolves and will be disseminated. The launching of the blog Deptford Is Changing came in response to participants’ comments on needing to have an immediate platform to share urgent issues and stories.

Anita Strasser is a PhD candidate in Visual Sociology at Goldsmiths, University of London.

︎ Image by Anita Strasser.